Career Counseling Seminar at Maharaj agarsain School Tohana

Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd conducted a career counseling seminar at Maharaja Aggarsain School

1 year ago

Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt. Ltd- one of the best institutes for CA Coaching in India organized a career counseling seminar on Nov 15, 2022 at Maharaja Aggarsain School, Tohana.

The role of a career counselor comes when after the 12th class, students face difficulty in choosing the right career path. A counselor has the expertise and knowledge of various career paths and based upon this, he guides which path students should opt for. To guide 12th-class commerce students about the complete CA course, Rakesh Sharma Sir, the Director of Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd took up the career counseling seminar on the school’s premises.

He informed students about the CA course, CA as a career option, how to get entry to the CA field, when a student should start preparing for the CA foundation, various Subjects in the CA course and other options after the CA course.

Career Counseling Seminar at Maharaj agarsain School Tohana
Rakesh Sharma Sir guiding students on CA Course

Furthermore, he spoke about the numerous academic degrees available in every stream, which offer an array of flexible alternatives enabling students to pursue jobs in the fields they are interested in. School’s Principal Neelam Mam appreciated the way Rakesh Sharma Sir from Paras Institute of Commerce cleared the doubts of students regarding the CA course. Rakesh Sharma sir also thanked Principal Mam for providing this opportunity to interact with students.

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a professional who works in the financial and business fields and would give their clients financial and investment advice as well as money management guidance. Auditing, taxation, financial accounting and reporting, and general management are their key work responsibilities, informed Rakesh Sharma Sir.

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