Career Counseling seminar

Paras Institute of Commerce conducted Career Counseling Seminar at Halwasiya Vidya Mandir Bhiwani

1 year ago

The majority of students have questions and uncertainties about their careers after schooling. For them, career counselling is the method that helps in taking the best decisions for their future professions. Counselling’s primary purpose is to motivate and guide students in achieving their higher-level goals.

With the same objective, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd has conducted a career counselling seminar at Halwasiya Vidya Mandir, Bhiwani. The career counselling seminar was organized for the students of class 12th. The seminar was taken by Rakesh Sharma, Director, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt. Ltd. He gave information to the students about the CA course, its career options, how to get enter into the CA field, Subjects in the CA course and other related information. Furthermore, he explained, due to a lack of supervision and guidance, the majority of students left CA course in between, thinking it was a difficult study but, in such cases, the career guide explains to the student what is best for them and helps them choose the proper career route.

Halwasiya Vidya Mandir students attending the career counselling seminar

A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a professional who works in the financial and business fields and would give their clients financial and investment advice as well as money management guidance. Auditing, taxation, financial accounting and reporting, and general management are their key work responsibilities, informed Rakesh Sharma.

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