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Noise Luna Ring Price Revealed in India; Available to Buy Now

7 months ago

In July of this year, the Noise Luna Ring was launched in India but the company did not announce its price of it. For customers who were interested in purchasing, a priority pass was offered to them. Noise has now confirmed the wearable’s price, and consumers can redeem their tickets for fitting and shipping options.

Noise Luna Ring Price and Availability in India

The Noise Luna Ring is available in India for Rs. 18,999 and comes in Lunar Black, Midnight Black, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, and Sunlit Gold color options. The ring is available in seven different sizes.

Customers who acquired the Rs. 2,000 priority Luna access pass can now redeem it for a Rs. 3,000 discount and free shipping. The pass is also said to cover Rs. 2,000 in liquid and physical damage.

Noise Luna Ring Specifications

Sensors such as Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, skin temperature sensors, and a 3-axis accelerometer are included in the Noise Luna Ring. It also has an optomechanical design with three LEDs, two PDs, and three bumps to guarantee the optical sensors are aligned with the user’s finger.

Noise says that the Luna Ring analyses more than 70 characteristics and gives users sleep, readiness, and activity statistics. It also contains activity monitors that analyze a user’s tendencies and make customized suggestions. Luna Ring has a body temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, and a SpO2 sensor to monitor the user’s health. Users can monitor their statistics using the NoiseFit program.

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