bhishma Award 2019 neena kapoor

Neena Kapoor was awarded the Bhishma award 2019 for her exemplary leadership qualities in the field of education.

3 years ago

Ms. Neena Kapoor, working as Principal at A.I.International  School, Nurmahal has been awarded Bhishma Award 2019 for her 29 years of outstanding contribution to the field of Education. The award was presented by Dr.G.D Bansal, Director, Chandigarh Group of Colleges.

Bhishma Award ceremony was organized in an association of SR education, Dr. Devraj DAV School and Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing at Chandigarh group of colleges to honor the dignitaries who are giving their 100 percent in the field of education.

On receiving the award, Ms. Neena Kapoor in her statement said: “that every child has the potential; only the spark has to be ignited”. The students must be guided to bring out their latent talent and hidden potentials which helps them to instill confidence in them. She has been awarded for her enthusiasm, devotion and tireless efforts that made it easy for the students and teachers to set the study strategies and approaches applied to learn comprehendible.

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