Kushmanda maa day 4 navratri

Navratri 2019: Worship Maa Kushmanda on Day 4

4 years ago

The fourth day of the Navratri honors Maa Kushmanda. The word ‘Ku’ means little, second-word ‘Ushma’ means warmth and third-word ‘anda’ means egg. Hence, the meaning of her name means’ the creator of this ‘little cosmic egg’ called universe. As she is the creator of the universe, she is also called as Adishakti. There is a story behind her being the creator of the universe. When there was darkness everywhere and universe was not there, she smiled and produced a little cosmic egg from it. From there it was universe started shining. She is believed to live in the core of sun god and also directed him. Because she lives in the core of Surya, she gives warmth, energy to all beings.

She has eight hands in which she holds Kamandul, bow, arrow, a jar of nectar (Amrit), discus, mace and a lotus, and in one hand she holds a rosary which blesses her devotees with the Ashtasiddhis and Navniddhis. As she rules the sun, thus worshipping Maa Kushmanda will remove all the afflictions created by the unfavorable position of the Sun in the horoscope. In addition, the individual secures relief from all ailments and attains fame and status in society. She also blessed the devotees with health and wealth.

Maa Kushmanda Aarti :- 

Chautha jab navaraatr ho, kushmaanda ko dhyaate.                                                                                              jisane racha brahmaand yah, poojan hai

aadhshakti kahate jinhen, ashtabhujee hai roop.                                                                                                    is shakti ke tej se kaheen chhaav kahee dhup.

kumhade kee bali karatee hai taantrik se sveekaar.                                                                                                  pethe se bhee reejtee saatvik kare vichaar.

krodhit jab ho jae yah ulta kare vyavahaar.                                                                                                             usako rakhatee door maan, peeda detee apaar.

soory chandr kee raushanee yah jag mein phailae.                                                                                          sharanaagat kee main aaya too hee raah dikhae.

navaraatron kee maan krpa karado maan.                                                                                              navaraatron kee maan krpa karado maan.

jay maan kushmaanda maiya.                                                                                                                                        jay maan kushmaanda maiya.

Seema Jain

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