NASA Astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth after Record-Breaking Space Mission.

2 years ago

NASA’s Astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth after a record-breaking space mission. She stayed almost 11 months in ISS (International Space Station). She is the first female astronaut to stay this much time in space. After 328 days in space, Christina Koch landed at 0912 GMT in Kazakhstan desert with two other crew members Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and Alexander Skvortsov of the Russian Space Agency.

Christina Hammock Koch is a 41-year-old Engineer and NASA astronaut of the class 2013. She graduated in B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Physics and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. She also did the advanced study while working for the Goddard Space flight Center.

Christina blasts off to ISS on 14th March 2019 and after 328 days she returned to the Earth. “I am so overwhelmed and happy right now,” Koch said just after she slid out from the spacecraft. she orbited Earth 5,248 times, travelling 139 million miles, roughly the equivalent of 291 trips to the Moon and back. She conducted and supported more than 210 investigations, and perhaps most importantly, participated as a research subject. Her record-breaking will help NASA to determine the long term effect of space on a human body. Christina shared her experience on its official tweeter handle “This journey has been everyone’s journey. Thank you to all involved in the success of our mission, and for giving me the opportunity to carry everyone’s dreams into space. I’m filled with gratitude to be back on the planet!”

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