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NASA announced a team for Moon Mission, Indian American Raja Chari is part of the team

1 year ago

On Wednesday The US space agency NASA has selected a team of 18 astronauts for its moon mission. Astronaut Raja Chari of Indian-American descent has also been included in this team. NASA is preparing to send humans to the moon in 2024 as part of its mission. US Vice President Mike Pence announced this team.  This 18-member Artemis Team will also work on another mission. NASA has reported that half of the team consists of women and this team will provide training for the Artemis Moon-landing program.

Bharatvanshi Raja Chari, who joined the team and holds a bachelor’s degree in Astronautical Engineering. He came to Astronaut Corp in 2017 and since then, his training has been going on.

The space agency is aiming to land on the moon by 2024, and given the way preparations are being made, expectations have increased significantly.

Speaking of his last meeting as the chairman of the National Space Council, Pence said, “My friends, I am giving you a team of heroes of the future who will make our moon mission a success and we will discover many secrets related to the moon”. Chief Astronaut of NASA said that before returning to the moon we have a lot of work and the whole team is working hard. This 18-member team will prepare NASA for the Moon mission.

Artemis Astronauts
Artemis Astronauts

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