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Mother’s Day special: Some handmade gifts ideas for loving mothers

2 years ago

Mothers are pillars of support at every stage and walk of life, from giving birth to showering their child with unconditional love, she is the one who never gets tired. Anything we do for our mother is insufficient in comparison to the sacrifices she has made for us. We always fail to thank her for raising us and all the other things she does for us and our family. A single day is not enough to thank her for her love and compassion.

Mother’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday in May, allows us to express our gratitude for all she has done for us. This year’s Mother’s Day is on May 9th, and you can show your love and gratitude to your mother by giving her some lovely gifts. While a thoughtful handcrafted Mother’s Day gift would make your mother feel unique in this harsh time of the pandemic. Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation by giving her a gift that expresses how much she means to you.

So here are some of the mother’s day handmade gift ideas for you:

1. Thanks-Giving Jar

Materials Required: A Glass Jar, Pen, Colored Papers, and colored pen

Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

How to make: Make small slips of colored paper. If there is no colored paper, then you can also make white sheet slips and then color them. Now when dry, write a message with a pen on them. Write down the things for which you are thankful to your mother or the things that you most like about her. Make many such slips and put them in the jar and gift them to the jar on Mother’s day.

2. Hand holding love card

Material Required: Colored drawing sheets, sketch pen, Glue, Pencil, and Scissors

Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

How to make it: It’s easy to make a mother’s day card and really nice. What you have to do is just place your palm on the colored sheet and draw its outlining. Now do the same with another palm. Now cut a heart shape from another colored sheet and write a beautiful mother’s day message on it for your mother and glue it in between the two palm sheets. Your Hand holding love card for your mother is ready!

3.  Colored Potted Plant

Be eco-friendly this mother’s day, as the earth is also our mother who is serving us every single second. And in the second wave of the corona where people are suffering from oxygen shortage, taking care of mother earth and our mother is very necessary. So this eco-friendly present will make your mother feel rejuvenated and happy. She’ll enjoy it. The potted plant can be ordered or you can also decorate any of the old pots with colors and stickers and get plantain in it for your mother.

Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

4. Show Your Culinary skills

Mother is termed as Annapurna who serves food to every family member. So to make this mother’s day special for your Annapurna, why not give leave to her from the kitchen and do cooking for her. You can make her favorite sweet dish or any other food that she likes and serve her to make her feel special.

So these are some of the very easy handmade gift ideas for mother’s day that you can try to make your mother feel special. We believe that mother is a unique creation of god and her sacrifices can’t be overcome by our small gestures but we can give it a try. So do try and tell us in the comment section what you did for your mother on this mother’s day and how she reacted to it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful MOMMIES !

Seema Jain

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