Moksh vridh Ashram Ambala

Moksha Vridh Ashram: a new old age home for elderly inaugurated at Ambala

3 weeks ago

On April 10, Today at Ambala Narayangarh Road, Moksha Vridh Ashram and Mahila Ashram was inaugurated by Mrs. Pankaj Sandhir, Mukesh Jain and Mr. Arihant Jain.

The patron Pankaj Sandhir told that, “From last 14 years, Moksha Old Age Home Hisar is working very well. And there, food and complete medical treatment for the elderly and women are available free of cost. There is an increase in number of abandoned senior citizens, that’s why we have planned to open a new old age home in Ambala to provide homely atmosphere to the elderly.

Inaugural Ceremony of Moksha Old Age Home Ambala
Inaugural Ceremony of Moksha Old Age Home Ambala

Vijay Bhrigu, the administrator of Moksha Vridh Ashram Hisar said that, “We have ensured that they receive all the homelike facilities, so that they don not feel the loneliness of moving out of their homes. We also aim to provide cutting-edge amenities free of cost and also take all senior citizens on pilgrimage tours as when they demand. He further added, the new old age home will have different rooms for men and women, entertainment zone, Kitchen, lawn, health and yoga center, Bhajan-kirtan corner, Dining hall and all the other major facilities.

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