Mitron app crossed 5 Million downloads on Play Store, a big rival for Tik Tok

2 years ago

At the same time, where the rating of Tik Tok is falling steadily, the Mitron app has started to become a hype in the Indian youth. ‘Mitron‘ is an indigenous short video making app developed by a student of IIT Roorkee, has now become the most downloaded app after Arogya Setu on play store in the recent time. It has given the biggest competition to App Tik Tok, the Chinese video maker app by Bytedance. Currently, this app available on the Google Play Store has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

The UI of Mitron is inspired by Tik Tok since this app mostly has features like Tik Tok. In the review of this app with about 4.7 ratings, many users have said that there are many bugs in it and it is also difficult to log in, but it is being supported due to it’s made in India tag.

Mitron app has many many bugs and It has many limited features of auditing video and adding audio. The app is released about a month ago and the app is becoming popular at a time when there is online war running between YouTubers and Tik Tokers. This app is currently becoming popular among Indians only because of its name. The reason behind the instant famous of this app is the name of the app Mitron which is a very popular word in India because it is being used by the PM of India on a regular basis.

In recent time in India, the Chinese products are being boycotted due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In such a situation, Mitron app can be a tough completion for Tik Tok.

The app currently has a size of 8.03 MB and was released on 11 April. At present, on May 24, some improvements have also been made. Currently, the login option has been given in the Mitron app with the help of Google

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