Mind Care conducted a workshop for teachers at Army Public School

3 years ago

Clinical psychologist Dr. Archana conducted a workshop for teachers at Army Public School, Hisar to guide them about the various factor that influences a child’s learning power and reasons behind the low performance. She said “Teachers are the second mother of a child, they spend almost 6hours of a day with students. They are the one who makes them learn new things and can compare the intelligence and learning level of different students.

Dr. Archana told the various factors that influence an individual learning process are intelligence level, learning disabilities, attention and concentration level, fear and phobias related to studies, exam anxieties, stress, psychological disorders, home environment, etc. A teacher must know all the factors as every individual have a different influencing factor. After knowing the factors they can guide parents or send children to a clinical psychologist for proper diagnosis and treatment of their children. According to clinical psychologist, Early diagnosis, early recognition and timely intervention of these factors can help a student to improve his/her performance in school and in learning. It can reduce the chances of any mental illness in child and adolescent. There are some psychological tests too which can be administered or used for proper diagnosis of these problems.

Seema Jain

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