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Mili trailer: Janhvi Kapoor dying to survive; movie inspired by true events; Watch it here

1 year ago

Mili Trailer: Janvhi Kapoor is in a difficult situation, she is trapped inside the freezer and does everything to save herself before she freezes to death.

The first trailer of Mili -Janhvi Kapoor’s upcoming movie has been released. The Mili movie is produced by her father Boney Kapoor. The movie will release in theatres on 4 November 2022.

At the beginning of the trailer, Mili is living her normal life with her loving daddy and boyfriend. She works inside a local cafe and hopes to move to Canada for a better future. But one day she got stuck in her cafe’s cold store, and gradually, the cold storage temperature comes down to minus 16 degrees Celsius. This makes Mili’s face bloody. She tries everything to save herself with duct tape.  Meanwhile outside, her father and boyfriend are looking for her like crazy. Will Mili be able to get out of the freezer safely and how she got stuck in it, viewers will get to know on its release.

The Mili is a thriller movie, directed by National awarded winner Mathukutty Xavier, produced by Boney Kapoor and a screenplay by Ritesh Shah. Janhvi Kapoor fans are very excited about the Mili movie.

Watch Mili Trailer Here

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