Meta launches LLaMa Research AI tool

1 year ago

Meta Platform has introduced a research tool called LLaMa for building artificial intelligence-based chatbots and other products. LLaMa is Meta’s latest entry in the realm of large language models, which have shown promise in generating text, having conversations, summarizing written material, and more complicated tasks like solving math theorems or predicting protein structures. LlaMa is not a chatbot, it is a research tool that will likely solve issues concerning AI language models. Smaller, more performant models such as Llama enable others in the research community who don’t have access to a large amount of infrastructure to study these models and help in tasks such as writing essays, composing social media posts, suggesting programming code, and generating chatbot conversations.

Meta previously launched a large language model called OPT-1758 but LLaMa is a newer and more advanced system. Another model Meta released late last year, Galactica was quickly pulled back after researchers found incorrect results. The company further emphasized its commitment to democratizing access to AI technology by making Llama available in multiple sizes language models.

Google has its own model called LaMDA or language model for Dialogue Applications. The internet search and advertising leaders are testing a chat-based AI-powered search product called Bard which still has some glitches. Microsoft Corp has already launched the ChatGPT model powered by artificial intelligence.

Shruti Jain

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