Mentor’s role in Student’s life

5 years ago

Today’s student is confused in choosing the right stream and career path for them. They are unaware of their skills, talents, capabilities and right set of knowledge to harness what they have. At this point of time, they need a mentor. Mentor is a person who guide, helps and advice the student what will be right on the basis of his own plethora of knowledge and experiences. He also acts as an emotional support to the mentee.

A mentor plays various roles in the life of a student:

  • Bring the best out from you: Every person knows his/ her strengths but there are few who know their weakness. Mentor is the person who can bring your weakness as strength. He will prepare you for the worst and toughest condition.
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  • Guides you to the goal: Mentor is not less than a guiding tool or a career guider who will guide you to your goal and suggest various paths that can direct you.
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  • Uplift your career: The role of a mentor in your career program is that he can guide you on the skills necessary for professionalism. He can help you in finding opportunities and make you more confident in harnessing your potential.
  • Reduces stress level: A mentor role is very crucial in a student’s life. He has to play different roles at different point. Mentee can feel stressed due to over burden of work, study and life issues. It’s a mentor role to boost, motivate and encourage the mentee during harsh conditions.

Thus, mentor is such a person who will give you an opportunity to make your best image.

Seema Jain

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