Mat Kar Forward campaign

Mat Kar Forward- a campaign started by Actors and Cricketer against spreading fake information

2 years ago

To fight against the spread of fake news, Virat Kholi, Ayushmann Khurana Kriti Sanon and Sara Ali Khan made a video in support of the government to fight against fake news on social media.  

All of you support us with such fervour when we play for the nation. But now the nation needs you, me, all of us to play for it. Will you do your bit?,” Kohli said in a tweet on his handle with the hashtag #MatKarForward.

In the video released, Virat Kohli, Ayushman Khurana, Kirti Sanon, and Sara Ali khan can be seen sitting around a dining table but their parts are shot at their own place following the social distancing and COVID 19 norms. Their respective parts are edited later on. The video was commissioned by TikTok.

Earlier, the government had requested social media platforms to carry out techniques to curb the dissemination of false information that could threaten society during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Video is a message to the nation, don’t use social media handles for spreading fake news, that’s why gave the term “Mat KarForward” and help the nation in winning this battle.

Seema Jain

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