Light a Lamp : Light a Hope !

4 years ago

Hope is that word, rather an emotion on which the whole humanity survives, from being conditioned to keep it, to feel the real light of it. We all look forward to our days, weeks, months, years and life in terms of hope. Hope to succeed, hope to sustain, to nurture, to prosper, to give love, to take love, to rise, to shine, to be kinder, to hit various bulls-eyes that we set etc.

Often at times, when we wish a happy Diwali and its associated wishes to each other, we forget to wish a happy Diwali to ourselves. A wish that can set us right towards our goals. A wish, that we need to remind ourselves that how we need to keep going and not give up, no matter how hard our goal seems to be.

Therefore, this Diwali, when you set on to light up a lamp to light up your domain, make sure to light up a ray of hope in you. Hope for the better version of you, that you eagerly want to be. Hope to give yourself and to the people you love, a life that they truly deserve. Hope for a better society. Hope to stay honest to our work and importantly to ourselves, no matter how deceiving others seems to be. Hope for a better and prospering life. Hope for a better nation.

Therefore, light a lamp of hope this Diwali.

Wishing all our readers a hopeful and prosperous Diwali.
Have a green, safe and beautiful Diwali.


Sakshi Narang
(Communications and Editorial, Manager –

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