Lexus introduced its new electric car concept “The Lexus Electrified”

2 years ago

Recently Lexus released a teaser video of its new electric car. The car is said to be a concept car and it has autonomous driving technology in the LF-30 electrified concept which will provide both comfort and peace of mind with advanced posture control, a self – parking function and a front-door pickup function.

Lexus released a 20 Seconds video teaser showing the new electric car. According to Lexus, “it’s a bold new vision of vehicle electrification. From innovation that varies power output for optimized vehicle posture to in-wheel electric motors, it promises a dynamic driving experience like no other and with exhilarating style and inspired technology to match.” The LF-30 electrified concept is the future concept of cars.

Image Source: Google
Image Souce: Google
Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

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