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KORA KAGAZZ: Rajat Kapoor and Swastik Mukherjee’s new film trailer released today, watch it now

1 year ago

Kora Kagazz movie- The trailer of Rajat Kapoor and Swastik Mukherjee’s upcoming film Kora Kagazz was released on 16 November 2022. Kora Kagazz revolves around three people, Vivek, Sandhya, and Divya. In the film Kora Kagazz, Divya plays the role of a house warden and Sandhya is a 14-year-old girl who is depressed because of her dark past.

 Kora Kagazz trailer begins with Swastika Mukherjee (Divya) who meets Rajat Kapoor (Vivek). On the other side, Sandhya is sad thinking about her past. Vivek is concerned about Sandhya and talks to Divya. Divya misbehaves with Sandhya and says no fight and no theft are allowed here.

After that, Vivek talks to Sandhya and asks what happened with her mother and assures Sandhya that she can trust him. Now, will Sandhya trust Vivek or not, what is Sandhya’s dark past, and what happens to her mother will be known only by watching the film.

Swastika Mukherjee and Rajat Kapoor are playing the main roles in the Kora Kagazz movie. The movie is written by Donna Laemmlen and directed by Nawneet Ranjan. Zarna Somaia, Anil Somaia, Malti Lal, and Radha Raman are the producers of the film. The story and the secrets of the movie will be revealed on 25th November 2022 on the screens of nearby cinemas.

A few days ago, Swastika Mukherjee shared Kora kagazz movie poster on her social media with the caption A @LongLive Cinema Release.

Watch Kora Kagazz Trailer Here

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