Digital nomad Seminar

Know how to earn while traveling in a seminar by a Digital Nomad

2 years ago

Digital Nomad, a term used nowadays to describe a person who uses the power of information technology while traveling or living a nomadic life. These are ones who are not tied to one place for earning. They earn while traveling to different places.

How to become a digital Nomad by Hisar institute of Digital Marketing

A seminar is going to organize by Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing on How to Become a Digital Nomad. The seminar will be taken by Shahzada Arora, a digital nomad and travel photographer who will share his personal experiences being a digital nomad. The seminar will give insight into the life of a digital nomad, how he earns and how digitalization can give location independence.

The seminar on the digital nomad will be held on December 22 from 3 PM to 5 PM. Those who want to attend the seminar can register by calling 9253082888.

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