Joda Taan Sajda Mani Gujral New best wedding song

Joda Taan Sajda: Mani Gujral’s new best wedding song 2021 released

2 years ago

Mani Gujral– a versatile musician, singer, and lyricist has released his new music video song ‘Joda Taan Sajda’.

Joda Taan Sajda is written, composed, and sung by Mani Gujral. The song is a wedding song based on the feelings of a bride and groom. The new music video Joda Taan Sajda is released on the Play Asli music channel.

Mani Gujral has written and sung many songs. He also has his youtube channel named Mani Gujral under which he covers travel vlogs.

Joda Taan Sajda Official Music Video

Seema Jain

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