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With the start of every year, there is a buzz of what the next edition of the iPhone would release in the market. In the past few years, I-phone has faced a still difficulty in coping with some of the other brand phones as they are trying to provide the same features as what I-phone provides at a price that is still accessible by the common population. But a recent study has shown an increase in the usage of iPhones in the suburbs and the metropolitan area of the country. iPhone is one of the most talked phones due to its occasional rivalry with Samsung or more specifically android. It generally splits up a place within two parts namely android vs mac. iPhone has its advantages and disadvantages over android and vice-versa with some of the advantages being no lag or virus or even better app inbuilt structure while disadvantages are not user friendly for new users, single domain, and many more. Yet their phones are one of the most talked-about in the country and they have a huge market worldwide as well.


Apple is one of the biggest multinational companies stated in the United States of America by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in the year 1976. Their first product was the Apple personal computer and from there on the company started producing its products. It has developed its own operating system known as Macintosh or simply Mac which is used by all the apple products and it gives a significant competition to the other big OS company windows. It has one of the biggest revenue and is considered to be one of the biggest multinational companies.

Some of the other products of the company include the MacBook that is laptops by Apple, iPhones, iPods, iPad- a tablet provided by the company, Apple smartwatch, Air pods, and apple smart TV to name a few. All of these uses iOS as its operating system. In addition to this apple has its own App Store, Apple Music, its cloud storage i-cloud, and many more. It is one of the biggest hardware as well as a software company in the world with every work working in their OS and building their hardware.

iPhone 12 Pro specifications

In 2020 Apple iPhone launched a product named iPhone SE 2020 which was a throwback to the early days of the iPhone with small screen size and battery life. But the biggest arrival is the iPhone 12- the latest addition to the iPhone family. There will be four products to be released as per reports that are

1. iPhone 12

2. iPhone 12 Max

3. iPhone 12 Pro

4. iPhone 12 Pro Max

We are going to take a look at iPhone 12 Pro on its display feature and other aspects to see how the phone has developed.

DISPLAY of iPhone 12 Pro

The screen size of the phone is 6.1 inches with an OLED display. The screen resolution is 1125×2436 pixels and the pixel density is 440ppi. The display is taken from Samsung making it one of the best displays the iPhone series has had.

PERFORMANCE of iPhone 12 Pro

The phone has a Hexa-core 2.65 GHz Apple Bionic 14 processor making it one of the best processors the series has had. It has the Apple GPU graphics and comes with 6GB RAM making the phone smooth in all the aspects and making it great for multi-tasking. The internal storage of the phone has 6 variants namely the 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB which is non-expandable as most apple phones have no support to external micro sd.


The phone comes with iOS version 13 which is the latest version of iOS that the company has developed with the latest updates installed in almost all the models. The charging of the phone has taken a big step as iPhone has finally replaced its lightning ports with the Type-C ports which will enhance the charging facility of the phone. The battery life of the phone is expected to be 3210mha with the option of wireless charging also available.

CAMERA OF iPhone 12 Pro

The normal versions of the phone will gear will with a dual-rear camera setup but this version will have a triple rear camera configuration with each one being 12MP. The phone will have the retina flash auto flash and continuous shooting facility available. The front camera will be a 12MP.


Wi-Fi connectivity is available in the with driver available of 802.11. Bluetooth drivers are also installed on the cell phone.

There is a fingerprint sensor present on the screen as well as other sensors present on the phone. The phone supports 4G of all the networks as well as connects 5G as well.


1. The phone can be used for all sorts of gaming purposes be it normal or professional purposes with its high RAM and processor.

2. The phone can be used for photography purposes and can be used for recording as well.

3. It can be used for other inter-disciplinary purposes as well.

The latest edition of the iPhone suggests it to one of the best additions to the i-phone family. The phone has all the latest features and can be used for almost every purpose. The release date is said to be around mid-October so it is something definitely to look forward.

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