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Instagram Update: Instagram increased Story Time Limit to 60 Seconds

1 year ago

According to reports, Instagram will increase the 15-second time restriction for Instagram Stories to 60 seconds. Instagram Stories were previously divided into different portions if they lasted longer than 15 seconds.

Instagram has stated that it is extending the 15-second time restriction for Instagram stories to 60 seconds in a recent TechCrunch story. A user’s video used to be divided into smaller portions if it was longer than 15 seconds in the past. This made adding videos to Instagram Stories, as well as tagging and mentioning other users, more difficult.

According to earlier reports, Instagram began testing the new version with a select number of users near the end of the previous year.

Also, Instagram launched its Family Center and parental control capabilities in India earlier this month. Back in March, Meta had made announcements about the Family Center tool and the parental control capabilities. Parents and guardians can receive materials and methods for monitoring from top specialists at the Family Center. These tools will enable them to set time limits and monitor how much time their children are spending on Instagram. A part of Meta’s efforts to safeguard kids who actively use its social media apps is the addition of new parental controls.

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