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Instagram Swipe up Link option to go away from Aug 30, link stickers will be the new option

1 year ago

From August 30 onwards, Instagram users will be able to use links in a new way.

According to a recent update, Instagram is making modifications to the photo and video sharing service that would alter how users share external content on the app. The Facebook-owned firm has started sending messages to users about forthcoming changes to the app’s “swipe up” link, which allows users to add links to content posted elsewhere.

Instagram recently began showing a brief popup message to select customers, stating that swipe-up links will be removed starting August 30. Instead, users will be able to link to external information and websites using link stickers that can be tapped by users. The ability to reply to a story with a link, as opposed to the swipe-up link, which has the gesture in place of the reply button, is one of the main advantages of Instagram link stickers.

Swipe-up links are presently only available to Instagram users that are verified or have more than 10,000 followers. According to the article, once the platform phased out swipe-up links later this month, only those accounts that could generate them will be allowed to share Instagram link stickers.

Seema Jain

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