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India’s FIRST PRIVATE ROCKET Vikram-s (VKS) launched; India took one more historic step in the space sector

1 year ago

India launched its first private rocket Vikram-S on Friday. After the successful launch of the rocket, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh expressed his happiness by saying, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, who was personally present at the launching site, in his very first reaction said, “Congratulations India! A new beginning in India’s Space journey! Thanks so very much PM Narendra Modi Ji for making this effort possible by opening the Space sector to public-private participation. A turning point for India’s Start-Up movement! Kudos ISRO for a new feather in your much-decorated hat”.

Dr. Jitendra Singh congratulated IN-SPACE Skyroot for this achievement & success and also thanked ISRO for providing support. India’s first private rocket named Vikram-S (Vikram-suborbital (VKS) was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center Sriharikota by M/s Skyroot aerospace Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, on 18 Nov 2022 at 1:30 PM IST. The successful launch of this Vikram-S rocket has added another milestone to India’s milestone list.

It is the first launch vehicle from a private company in India. The mission was authorized by IN-SPACE. India’s first private rocket Vikram-S reached to an altitude of about 89.5 km in just 155 seconds. This sounding rocket carried three payloads.

The mission has been named Prarabh. Rocket Vikram-S is named after Vikram Sarabhai. Earlier, it was planned to be launched on 15th November but due to weather issues, it has been launched today. Vikram-S take off at 11.30 am carrying satellites from Chennai-based start-up Space Kidz, Andhra Pradesh-based start-up N-Space Tech and Armenian start-up BazumQ Space Research Lab.

The specialty of India’s private rocket is its fuel engine, which is set on a low budget. Liquid natural gas and liquid oxygen were used instead of common fuel, this fuel is cheap as well as pollution free. Vikram S started in 2020 and took 2 years to build. 

Congratulating  Skyroot Aerospace on this achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on his Twitter that, it’s a historic moment for India, the rocket Vikram-S developed by Skyroot Aerospace took off from Sriharikota today! This is an important milestone in the journey of India’s private space industry. Congratulations to



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