Indian Traditions that are Good for Health

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India has always been known to have rich heritage in terms of traditions and cultures. Each and every tradition in India has some meaning associated with it. They have been used by people for a very long time as they have continuously proved to have a positive impact on mental, physical and physiological health. Some people try to wrongly defame the Indian culture, stating that it is unscientific. But, recent studies and researches conducted by both Indian and Foreign Universities have scientifically proved the importance of the practices prevalent in the Indian tradition. We all can use these traditions in our lifestyle to get benefitted from it and improve our health. So, here let us have a look at some of the Indian Traditions that are good for health.


The benefits of Yoga have been scientifically proven. Yoga has been practiced in the culture of India since time innumerable. It consists of Asanas and Pranayam. Asanas are slow stretching exercises which require physical movement of the body. While Pranayam is rhythmic control of the breath which has immense mental health benefits.

Surya Namaskar is a collection of 12 Yoga poses, performed in a particular order while facing the sun. Practising Surya Namaskar itself helps in losing weight, improving digestion, getting a glow on the skin, improves the sleeping cycle and strengthens the core body muscles. Anulom Vilom is a popular Pranayam which requires taking breaths from alternate nostrils while keeping the other one closed. June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga day to spread awareness about the advantages of Yoga and subsequently motivate them to perform it.

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It is the traditional medical practice of India, that has been used by the Indians since ages. Its foundation period ranges back to the Vedic times. It has been used and subsequently developed through generations. This makes it better than other forms of medicine. Most of the substances used in Ayurveda are organic and eco-friendly. In addition to being beneficial for the human body, it does no harm to the environment unlike other forms of medicines which use substantial amounts of chemicals. 

There are several physical advantages of Ayurveda like it deeply cleans the body. Panchkarma treatments clean the harmful toxins gathered through food and poor lifestyle. Ayurveda provides a sound sleep to the body by reducing stress. Better sleep will in turn improve the metabolism of the body. Ayurvedic treatment also helps in weight management to a great extent. It improves the skin of your body and keeps it fresh and glowy.

Drinking water from Copper Utensils

In India, there is a tradition persistent amongst the elder generation that they drink water from Copper Utensils. This practice has many advantages for health. Storing water in a copper vessel purifies it in ways like killing the microorganisms because of the fact that small amount of copper ions get dissolved in that water. Some of its other benefits are that it can boost your immune system, smoothen the digestion process, improve the wound healing capacity of the body and strengthen the joints.

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Walking Barefoot on Grass

The primary health benefit that this practice provides is supplying freshness to one’s body. The body absorbs the freshness created by dewdrops on the grass. Many studies and researches have been conducted on this practice, which have concluded that walking barefoot on grass can help improve the sleeping habits, can reduce muscle tension, can be beneficial for eyesight and lower the stress levels of one’s brain.

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Drinking Warm Water in the Morning

We all must have seen the older generation of India use this practice widely in their daily lifestyle. Drinking warm water in the morning is believed to clean the digestive system and relieve constipation. Moreover, adding lemon juice or honey to the warm water can be further beneficial because lemon itself has Vitamin C (improves immunity). So, drinking warm water in the morning is a good Indian tradition that helps in living a healthy lifestyle.

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Fasting has also been a part of the Indian tradition. Hindu culture involves ‘Vrats’ and Muslim culture involves ‘Roza’, both are types of fasting. Fasting helps in weight loss, speeding up metabolism and improves brain function. Different types of intermittent fasting can be used by people upon their convenience to get benefitted from this age-long Indian Tradition.

Eating with Silver Cutlery

Using Silver cutlery for eating purposes has been an old tradition in India. Several accounts in various texts have been found about people eating in silver cutlery in India. Eating with silver cutlery is instrumental for having good health as silver has been proven to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. These properties help to protect the food from viruses and bacteria and in turn this keeps you healthy. 


Wearing different types of jewelry has been a part of traditions in India. Wearing silver jewelry is believed to help in boosting blood circulation and  helping in cold and flu prevention. While, wearing gold jewelry is said to regulate the body temperature attract positive energy towards the body.

Eating with Hands

Eating with hands instead of spoon is a widespread practice in India. It is quite beneficial for health as it primarily provides good exercise for the fingers. Moreover, by eating with hands, one can get a texture and sense of temperature. So, it is quite a simple practice, but provides a good positive impact on health.

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