Zermatt Matterhorn

Indian flag illuminated on Zermatt Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland

2 years ago

In terms of strength and hope in this pandemic time, Switzerland country has expressed its solidarity towards India by illuminating the Indian flag on one of its highest peaks in the Alps and Europe “The Zermatt Matterhorn”. The illuminated mountain is looking very captivating. The photo gets super viral on the Internet. People all over the world are expressing gratitude to Switzerland for this wonderful gesture in this pandemic.


The mount “Zermatt Matterhorn” is projected by artist “Gerry Hofstetter”. He is the man behind in lighting up the mount Zermatt. The mountain is 4478 meters high and is located between Switzerland and Italy. The projecting process on the mountain was started in March 2020 and it has been lighted upon every day with another country flag.


The other countries like Japan, the USA, Germany, England, Scotland and France flag also got this support from Switzerland to date. The post was officially published on the Zermatt Matterhorn Instagram.

Honorable PM of India Narendra Modi has also expressed his gratitude by tweeting on the picture with an encouraging caption.


Apart from this, According to the Ministry of Health, the total no. of active cases of coronavirus in India is now 13295 and the cured rate is 2301 and the death rate has reached 512. The nation is now suffering from the global pandemic, we should stay at home and be safe.

Deepak Kumar

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