largest vaccine drive

India vaccination Drive launches today; PM Modi launches the largest vaccine drive

2 years ago

Today, many of those scientists, who are involved in vaccine research, deserve special praise, who had been involved in making the vaccine against Corona for the past several months, said PM Narendra Modi in a virtual event on the occasion of the launching of COVID 19 vaccine drive.

While addressing, he said, “It usually takes years to make a vaccine but in such a short time, not one, two Made in India vaccines are ready. He mentioned that it is very important to have 2 doses of the corona vaccine. Between the first and second doses, a gap of about one month will also be kept. Only 2 weeks after the second dose, the body will develop the necessary strength against the corona.

Never before has this type of vaccination and such a large-scale vaccination campaign been run in history. There are more than 100 countries in the world whose population is less than 30 million and India is vaccinating 3 crore people in its first phase of vaccination.  

Seema Jain

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