InCar- movie- first look- trailer- teaser- relasing on 3 march 2023.

InCar movie trailer out: Movie releasing in cinemas on 3 march 2023

11 months ago

Today on 17 February 2023, the trailer of the national award winner Ritika Singh’s upcoming movie Incar was released. The trailer is released on YouTube by Inbox Pictures. Yesterday, the first poster of the InCar movie was released by the movie makers, in which Ritika Singh was seen as a scared girl as 4 men kept her captive in the car and they were having weapons in their hands.

The trailer begins with the logo of Inbox Pictures and after that, a scene inside the car was shown where Ritika is kidnapped and Sunil Soni is saying that the neck of a chicken is cut before cooking whereas a girl’s neck is cut after killing. 

After that, it is shown in the trailer how Ritika is kidnapped. Ritika is kidnapped from a bus stop where she is waiting for a bus. When she is pushed into the car, she screams Help! Help! But one of the 4 people covers Ritika’s mouth with his hand. After that Ritika is beaten up and a man says you work in a call center that calls people to take this, now take.

Later, it is shown that she ran to save herself, but failed in her rescue. Does Sunil Soni succeed in killing Ritika? Will Ritika be able to defend herself? This secret will now open only after the release of the Incar movie which will hit the cinema halls on March 3, 2023.

InCar movie trailer

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