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“I don’t wanna feel like a shadow”- a new music video by Alekhya and Ishaan out! Watch it here

2 years ago

Two budding artists, one music composer & singer, and another composer & rapper, belonging to different genres who collaborated over the internet during the lockdown, has now released a music video on Youtube.

Sun/ Shadow is the latest music video launched on the Alekhya VV Youtube channel. Alekhya is basically an M.Tech in Nanotechnology, working as a software developer, is also a music composer, singer, and lyricist whereas Ishaan is a Lawyer by profession but a rapper, lyricist, and music composer by passion. The Alekhya-Ishaan duo worked on a music video name SUN/SHADOW having Alekhya’s voice and Ishaan’s rap. People are liking The Sun/Shadow music video and in just 4 days it has more than 5K views.

Watch the SUN/SHADOW music video

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