Humara Pyar-Hissar’ dedicates today’s painting campaign to ‘SuryaNamaskar’

2 years ago

 Today on 2nd June the sight for the painting campaign was near Camp Square. The dozens of volunteers of ‘ Humara Pyar-Hissar’, on the wall of the rest house of the construction department were engaged in caring for various conditions of Surya Namaskar.

Many elders, women, and children under the supervision of the artist Harish and Lalit visarwal took part in this campaign. In today’s expedition, Municipal Commissioner Gautam Sardana also took part and appreciated the work of the team and raised the confidence of the members.

The wall that was roasted yesterday, was shining today.  In addition to regular members, many newcomers today volunteered in this work.  Today’s campaign includes Pankaj Mehta, Prem Taneja, Neeraj Manchanda, Ram Kamra, Ashok Chawla, Vikrant Kathuria, Kirti Goyal, Rima Sardana, Mohit Chugh, JD Mehta, Dinesh Popali, Surendra Sethi, Harikishan Khanna, Only Krishna Gakhar, Ashwini Pahwa  , Sombir Verma, Ajay Garg, RJ Suhani, Satish Verma, Garima, Vipin, Anurag, Sunidhi, Satish Verma, Neelam, Sanjay Garg, Monika and a large number of children too.

Seema Jain

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