How to Enter Politics and Become a Politician

2 years ago

Politics is a system that is basically responsible for the Governance of a country. Politicians are the ones who decide what type of policies will the country follow for the process of its Wholesome development. In the public domain though, this word has a negative image in which the people perceive that politicians indulge in politics only to gain power and money. This image of politics has arisen due to the scams that have taken place at Higher levels of the governments in the past. Now it is high time that we change this image of politics so that the good people get motivated to join politics and play their part in the betterment of the nation. So here we discuss some common ways about how to enter politics and become a politician.

Step No. 1

The first step to join politics is to get involved in all types of political discussions and get a fair knowledge of what is happening around yourself, only then you would be able to understand grassroot level problems that the country faces. Moreover, reading books about Indian history and politics will prove to be very helpful in understanding the issues present in the country very well, which will in turn help you to refine your thought process on these topics.

Step No. 2

Now that you know about the problems present, the next step is to start volunteering for different political campaigns. It is advisable to join some or the other youth wings present in the political arena. The benefits of joining youth wings is evident from the fact that this country has seen many national leaders who have risen from student politics itself. It is very important for a person, aspiring to be a politician, to have a firm presence among common people. Nowadays, having a good social media presence is also a way to popularise yourself among people.

Step No. 3

Though there is no compulsion for a formal education qualification to become a politician, yet it is advised to gain some education as then people will recognise you as an educated leader which will be a plus point for your image. Again, there is no restriction on choosing your stream of education. But there are certain streams that have produced more Politicians than others. It is often recommended that to join Politics, you should choose courses like

•Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (Political Science) – This course would add to your knowledge about politics.

• Graduation in Economics (B.A./ B.Sc. in Economics) – In politics, how a government tackles the economy is a deciding factor for the political careers of its leaders. So, it’s good to have a sound knowledge of Economics.

Graduation in Law (LLB) – Law again is an instrumental factor in politics. What issues have to be risen, what injustice is being done to certain people are always burning topics in politics. So, having knowledge of law beforehand adds to your problem solving ability.

• Journalism (Diploma or Mass Communication is also a good option) – This course refines your communication skills, which are actually the most important traits of a successful politician.

Now, for taking a decision to join which university you should keep in mind that universities like University of Delhi, Banaras Hindu University and Jawaharlal Nehru University have a major part in both student politics and national politics. So, it is better to join either of them if you want a firm start to your political career.

Step No. 4

The importance of skills in any field is unquestionable. To sustain and do good in whatever profession you are following, it is immensely important for you to be skilled in that profession. In the field of politics, the most important skills are Oratory skills, Debating skills, Problem Solving skills, Communication skills etc. It is also recommended that while doing your studies you should indulge in activities like debates, mock parliament and public speaking events to brush up your skills.

Step No. 5

This is actually the most important step to become a politician. After having the correct skills, knowledge and education the next step is to actually work for the people. You should now start going to people in your area to understand their problems and to solve them. Raise their issues in front of the administration. Involve yourself into social works like awareness programs against animal cruelty, against child labour, against casteism etc. Organise rallies for environment protection, women safety, road safety, improving education system etc. This will make the people feel that you will be able to ease their difficulties and work for their growth and development. After all this, the time has come to contest elections either from a political party or as an independent candidate. Though, joining a political party is a better option as there you can learn from your colleagues and get support from that party’s voter base.

There are also other career opportunities present in the field of politics. There are also roles like PR manager, social media manager, political strategist and analysts, financial experts and legal experts for various political parties. All in all, the whole point is that in order to become a politician there are certain recommended steps. Start with acquiring knowledge about different social and political issues of the country, gain some education and skills, work for people on the ground level to make them believe in you. These steps will be very helpful in the long run to your political career.

Suyash Ranjan

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