Indian music composer Ricky Kej Grammy Award 2022

Grammy Award 2022: Indian music composer Ricky Kej won Grammy for album Divine Tides; PM congratulated him

9 months ago

Indian composer Ricky Kej won his second Grammy at the 64th Grammy Awards, held at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Marquee Ballroom. He received the award along with rock legend Stewart Copeland for Album Divine Tides. Ricky Kej greeted the audiences with a Namaste.

On his Instagram, Rocky Kej wrote: “So grateful to have won the Grammy Award for our album Divine Tides. Absolutely love this living-legend standing next to me – Stewart Copeland. Love all of you too! This is my 2nd Grammy Award and Stewart’s 6th.”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has congratulated Indian music composer, Ricky Kej on winning the Grammy Award for his album Divine Tides.

In response to a tweet by Ricky Kej, the Prime Minister said;

“Congratulations for this remarkable feat and best wishes for your future endeavours!”

Ricky Kej, received his first Grammy Award for his album Winds of Samsara in 2015. Stewart Copeland is the founder and drummer of the British rock band The Police. Their Album Divine Tides was released by the music company Lahari Music.

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