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Google Update: Now Docs can be edit in Gmail

2 years ago

Google is readily updating some features to make work easy and balancing time across work and personal responsibilities.

That’s why Google is making it easy to use Google Workspace with Microsoft Office and Office 365, helping you collaborate productively from any device with anyone, regardless of what tools you use.

In the new feature, users can now easily edit Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides without converting them, with the added benefit of layering on Google Workspace’s enhanced collaborative and assistive features.

Now Gmail users can open Office files for editing directly from a Gmail attachment. For example, when you receive a Word document as an email attachment, you can open it and start editing in Docs with a single click while still preserving the Word file format. Then you can respond to the original email thread and include the updated file, right from Docs—saving you time by eliminating steps like downloading the file to edit or searching for the relevant email to reattach it to.

Google also announced mixed page orientation support in Docs, so that users can create Docs or edit Word files with mixed landscape and portrait pages. And next year, the company will add support for inserting images behind text and watermarks, to give further flexibility.

Google also launched a new Macro Conversion add-on that helps users migrate macros from Excel to Sheets.

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