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Google honored Vera Gedroits with Google Doodle: Who is Vera Gedroits?

2 years ago

Google Doodle of Vera Gedroits: Today search engine company Google honored Vera Gedroits, Russia’s first female surgeon. Today is Vera Gedroit’s 151st birthday and Google has made a doodle for her. Dr. Vera Ignativena Gedroits was the Doctor of Medicine in Russia. She was the first female surgeon in the country. She has saved many lives in the war field of medicine, hence she is famous all over the world.

Vera Gedroits was born on 19 April 1870 and was the first one to raise the voice in Russia related to hygiene and nutritious food. She belonged to the Lithuanian royal dynasty and studied medicine in Switzerland and became a doctor. After this, she returned back to her country and started her career in a factory hospital.

Apart from being a surgeon and professor, she is an excellent poet and writer. She wrote her biography in 1931 titled ‘Life’. She died in 1932 at the age of 56 in Kiev.

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