Google celebrates the holiday season with special doodles

4 years ago

Google celebrates special occasions with special doodles. Google is coming up with a series of doodles this week to wish users a year-end festival. Even today Google has created a special animator doodle, which looks quite cute. Seeing this, you will start feeling Christmas. With this doodle, Google has wished ‘Happy Holidays 2019’.

Google has created a series of doodles. Many doodles have been created under this series. If you go to Google and enter by typing Hanukkah 2019, then you will see a family made upwards on the right side. This is an animated video. In it, children are playing with toys. It is a Jewish festival. At the same time, if you enter by typing Christmas 2019, then you will see a family and Santa will also be seen. Apart from this, if you type Kwanzaa 2019, you will see one such doodle.

Deepak Kumar

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