Anabolic Steorid workshop

Ginny’s Gym organized an Anabolic Steroid workshop for fitness enthusiasts

2 years ago

On January 10, an educational workshop on Anabolic steroids was organized by Ginnys Gym Hisar in collaboration with GSB academy.

Mr. Gurpreet Batra from GSB Academy- the chief guest at the workshop mentored the fitness trainers about the use of steroids, types of steroids, myths related to steroids, bodybuilding, powerlifting, women & steroids, and many more health-related issues.

On the completion of the workshop, Mr. Amit Gaur, Director/Fitness manager of Ginnys Gym said, ”These kinds of workshops are very important to spread awareness about myths, do’s and don’ts in the fitness industry. Workshops on Anabolic steroids create a great impact on all fitness enthusiasts, especially sportspersons. These kinds of workshops should be conducted from time to time to increase the knowledge of people who want to make a career in the fitness field.

Seema Jain

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