Finally Avenger End Game Dethrones Avatar on box office.

3 years ago

James Cameron’s Avatar is finally dethroned by Avengers: End Game. After a long battle between Avatar and End Game has finally an end. Now the highest-grossing film in the world is Avengers: Eng Game. The information was officially made by producer Kevin Feige at comic con panel on Saturday.

After the 9 years of a continuous record of Avatar has finally broken by Avengers: End Game. The collection of Avatar worldwide was $2.788 billion and Avengers: End Game worldwide collection is $2.789 billion. Marvel even re-released the film to break the record and it finally happened.

According to the report, the collection of Avengers: End Game film increased with the re-release of the film on June 28th.

Avatar was an iconic film. James Cameron wanted to feel the experience of pure 3D. It was the first film with advanced 3d technology and visual effects. This movie is beyond imagination and it was well fitted into the people minds. It was a fictional movie but it felts like it is connected with us.

Now, James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is the next chance to break the record of Avengers: End Game

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