Essential leadership traits you should have before applying to a Job

3 years ago

Someone rightly said “Leaders are those who do right things and managers are those who do things right”. Leadership skills are very necessary for an individual as it will make you stand out from the crowd and others following you. Every organization wants a leader who can took initiative and lead the people in a positive direction. He should have an inspiring vision and clear goal. His ideas must be specific in nature as others will follow him. If he is not sure of the success of the idea, then nobody can trust him. Leadership is a difficult term and its meaning is different for different organization. But there are some common leadership skills every organization want in his employees can be:

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Verbal and Non verbal skills: Non verbal skills and verbal are also known as hard skills and soft skills respectively. Hard skills are those skills which a person acquires during his training and education and are industry specific like technical skills. Whereas soft skills are the major requirement of all the organizations as it includes interpersonal and communication skills. Every leader has to be a good communicator because he has to express himself to a team. Apart from being a orator, he must be listener too. He should have patience, empathy and power to resolute conflict in an effective way.

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Quick Decision taker: A leader has to face positive and negative situations at any point of time. So he has to be a quick decision maker. Decision making skills comes with time and experience.

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Building Relations: Relationship building is an important task for a leader. His way of communication can make or break the relationships. Relationships can be built on the basis of collecting personal information, enquiring about the followers.

Motivator: Effective leader should have motivational capabilities. Followers can feel depressed or emotional at any point of time but an effective leader can handle the situation very well. He will encourage the team and can direct the team towards the goal.

Honesty and Integrity: To maintain a healthy image among team mates or followers, the leader should have ethical and moral values on which he sticks to in any condition. He must be honest towards his work as he will be an inspiration for others.

One can practice or learn leadership skills at any level of employment. Every organization demand best leaders with leadership traits making the organization worth a while.

Seema Jain

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