k Kadam Zindagi ki Aur NGO Blood donation camp

Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur NGO’s Blood donation camp- One unit of blood can save three lives said Manoj khandelwal

1 year ago

EK Kadam Zindagi ki Aur NGO in association with Gram Panchayat Kirtan organized a blood donation camp at Panchayat house, Kirtan village on May 18.

Although the temperature is quite high in Haryana, but it was not more than the enthusiasm that people had for blood donation camp. About 40 units of blood were collected during the camp. Manoj Khandelwal, the guest for the occasion said that a unit of blood is enough to save three lives. That’s why once in a three month, every healthy individual should donate blood.  The Blood donation camp was presided by Vikram khowal.

About Ek Kadam ZIndagi ki Aur

Ek Kadam Zindagi Ki Aur NGO provides blood donor details in an emergency to the patient’s family rather than asking for blood in return like blood banks. Anyone can take blood from blood bank in emergency with some official fees but in return they have to provide blood but at Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur, blood donor details, the blood group with all other requirements are made available to the needy people without any cost.

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