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Education In Haiti: Universities in Haiti

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The Haiti education system is very poor as compared to other Caribbean countries and has a lower rate in Western Hemisphere. Haiti’s average literacy rate is 61%, (64.3% for males and 57.3% for females). In Latin America and Caribbean countries, the average literacy rate is around 90%. The education system of Haiti is short of qualified teachers and also in educational supplies. In comparison between urban and rural populations, urban people are more educated. In 2010, an earthquake minimizes the chances of educational developments in Haiti by destroying many buildings and also displacing many locals mostly students.

International schools and schools run by the church educate most of the students, around 90%. Haiti has more than 15000 schools and most of them are managed by communities and NGOs. The enrollment in primary school is more than 88%, but the secondary school enrollment is not more than 20%. Higher education can be pursued in universities.

The education system in Haiti is solely the responsibility of Ministre de education but the ministry provides very little funds for education as a result, private sector is the only option for the students in Haiti. The government is trying its best for improving the quality of Education in Haiti but with limited resources, ability of the government is also limited.

 In this article, we will talk about higher education in Haiti provided by universities. We have listed 10 universities of Haiti in this article but first, let’s talk about the university system in general.

There is a total of 38 universities in Haiti providing more than 370 different programs out of which 280 are bachelors, 89 Masters, and 4 Ph.D. programs. Trying to find the top universities in Haiti,  we had made our own criteria like the top universities we included in our list must be accredited and all the universities included in our list offers four-year courses in bachelors and also postgraduate degrees.

Our aim in writing this article is to provide unbiased information from the different and free web sources and also based on the information provided on the university’s websites. This article is only to help you find the best university in Haiti. Below you can find our list of top 10 universities in Haiti.

Universite d’Etat d’Haiti

This is one of the important universities in Haiti providing higher education, located in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The university was first started in 1820 as a college of medicine and law. Several other departments were also added to this university in 1942. Students strike against the university in 1960 and after that government brought it into strict control and also renamed it the University of Haiti. In 1983, the university claimed itself to be an independent institution as per the constitution of Haiti but the government confirmed the status of the University of Haiti as independent in 1987.

University of Haiti
University of Haiti

The University of Haiti also known as UEH is suffering from an acute shortage of books and other educational supplies. There are more than 500 professors in the UEH but most of them are part-time employees and are hourly-paid. So, most professors don’t have time for the students to guide them. Tuition fees in UEH is quite low and easily affordable. The university’s many buildings were destroyed in the earthquake of 2010. Now with the help of foreign funds, the government is trying to rebuild this university as the premium place for education.

Quisqueya university

Quisqueya University in Haiti was founded in 1988 is a private university located in the Port-au-Prince, capital city of Haiti. The first rector and coordinator of this university also become prime minister of Haiti in 1999. Quisqueya is the main private university in Haiti. The name of this university is taken from the Island of Hispaniola. Quisqueya means a big land or a big thing (great thing).

Universities in Haiti
Universities in Haiti

As this university is a private one, so campus here is free of religious and political affairs. Its motto is “knowledge and action at the service of mankind”. This university provides courses in 6 areas agriculture, management, engineering, law, health, and education. Their main aim is to promote economic development. After the earthquake in 2010, there were only around 700 students but in 2015 there were more than 3500 students with a staff of more than 350, they continue to evolve as the best private university in Haiti.

University Roayle d’Haiti

The Royal University of Haiti is founded in 1990, is a private higher education institute, and is located in the capital city of Haiti in Port-au-Prince. Officially recognized by the ministry of education of Haiti, this private university provides courses in various programs. URH provides many facilities in academic and non-academic services like libraries and other student facilities.

Universite Notre Dame d’Haiti

The University Notre Dame in Haiti is a private institute located in the capital city of Haiti in Port-au-Prince. According to the data of the Haitian government, Universite Notre dame d’haiti comes in the top 5 universities of the country. This university is an international member of the federation of catholic universities. This university has its own library and large infrastructure for sports. University of Notre dame was founded in 1995 and provides courses in five programs, Faculty of medicine, economy, administrative sciences, agriculture, and administrative science.

Universite Caraibe

The University of Caraibe is a private institute in Haiti, a university located in Port-au-Prince. This university has other campuses too. The higher education university situated in a very small area has existed for 32 years. University Caraibe also approves the admission of foreign students. This university provides facilities for its students in both academic and non-academic regions like libraries, houses, sports, study abroad, exchange programs, and online courses. The University of Caraibe also provides administrative services.

Universite Chretienne du Nord d’Haiti

 Universite Chretienne du Nord d’Haiti was started in 1947 and is situated in the rural area of city Limbe. It is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Haiti. In several programs, bachelor’s and master’s degrees are provided by the university. International students who are eligible can also apply for admission to this university. This 73-year-old Haitian organization has a 70 to 80% of admission rate, making it one of the main higher education institutes in Haiti.

Universities in Haiti
Universities in Haiti

Universite G.O.C

This university was established with the aim of educating the locals, with advanced curriculum, resulting in the job of 90% of its students. The rector of the university also headed academic and non-academic staff, with two major goals, one is to develop the campus for higher education and the other is to develop opportunities for universities in major programs and exchange programs.

53 full-time professors in the university provide teaching in various programs. Universite G.O.C is situated in Titanyen, with student’s strength of almost 4000. This university in Haiti was established in 1980 and has 40 years of educational experience also providing foreign education and student exchange program.

Universite INUKA

  An institute of higher education in Haiti founded in 1988, is a favorite among students going in bachelor’s degree and has a very large audience. The demand for INUKA students is very high in the market because of the high-quality training exercises provided by INUKA university. For more than 3 decades, INUKA is providing technical and practical knowledge. This university is accessible for all students irrespective of age. Universite INUKA is reputed among national and international students.

INUKA offers programs in various fields like accounting, sciences, technology, computer, electronics, and administrative sciences. INUKA University uses advanced technologies in the field of education and maintains good relations with the universities of America and Europe. University INUKA is working very actively to reduce the gap between the education provided and education needed by the companies in Haiti.

University research and education methods aim to provide new knowledge, scientific excellence, technology, computer, and administration. By some of its old students this university is referred to as the boon for education system of Haiti.

Universite Queensland

The Queensland University of Haiti is the first Christian university founded in 1996 and one of the most prestigious institutes in the Caribbean region. Around 10000 students already graduated from this university, playing a part in the development of national and international goals. The major earthquake which hit Haiti in 2010 leaves some very painful memories for the people of Haiti.

To meet the global challenges and national development, university is trying to develop human resources to provide better options in teaching, learning, research, and knowledge. This university is very famous for its programs in the field of social sciences, art, religion, business, biology, law, food, health, nuclear, engineering, civil, climate, environment, and aeronautical in both rural and urban areas of Haiti.

Universite Episcopale d’Haiti

The Episcopal University of Haiti is founded in 1994  works on the triple mission, teaching, research, and service of the community. UNEPH contributes to the development of national interests, development of staff alongside student development. UNEPH is a member of the association of colleges and universities. This university is opened to all public, private, national, and international organizations. Their main aim is to provide technological innovations, health promotions, product strengthens, and environmental protection.

Universities in Haiti
Universities in Haiti

All colleges of this university are headed by the Dean and assisted by the vice dean. Around 300 people work as the staff of this university of which 250 are teaching and 50 are non-teaching staff.

These are the top 10 universities of Haiti according to the data we collected from different websites and from university admission forms. If you are planning to visit Haiti for education, you can do your own research with the help of our article. Best of luck!

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