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Dwaraka: The kingdom of Shri Krishna

4 years ago

Dwarka, the only holy place in India which is among sacred Chardham and Sapta puris (Seven Holy cities) is located at the western tip of the Okhamandal peninsula on the banks of Gomti River in Gujarat. Dwaraka’s mythological importance is that it has the tag of being lord Krishna’s kingdom when Lord Krishna after killing his demon uncle Kansa from Mathura.

The name Dwarika is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dwara’ which means door. Dwarka is considered as the door to moksha, that’s why had the name “Mokshapuri” too. Mystique city has many historical tales related to its origin, establishment, and destruction. The city of Dwaraka has a long history. Owing to its strong connection with the great epic Mahabharata and the legendary stories about the sunken city, Dwarka had always been a favorite hub for archaeologists. Dwarkadeesh temple is one of the most visited and famous place to see in Dwarka by every traveler.  A submerged part of Dwarka is a major attraction here.

dwarkadeesh temple
Dwarkadhish temple
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Dwarakadeesh Temple: A famous pilgrimage center for Hindus also known as Jagat Mandir. It is estimated that the Dwarkadhish temple is somewhat 2500 years old and it is the place where Lord Krishna built his city and temple.

The grand 5 storied temple has an appealing black idol of Lord Krishna. The temple has two doors, the northern one is called Moksha dwar and the southern one is called Swarga dwar. The devotees take a dip into the Gomti River before heading to the temple via the Swarg Dwar. On the eve of Krishna’s birthday i.e Janamashtami, the temple gets adorned with flowers and lights and it is the best time to visit the Dwarkadheesh temple.

Black color idol of krishna
Lord Krishna idol at Dwarkadheesh Temple
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Rukmani Temple: Rukmani was the wife of Lord Krishna and the temple is devoted to his wife Rukmani, hence the name Rukmani temple. It is located at the distance of just 2 km from Dwarkadheesh Temple. The wall paintings and architecture of the temple is astounding.

Rukmani Temple Dwarka
Rukmani Temple
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Bet Dwaraka island: Bet Dwaraka, is an island near the city Dwarka, and it is believed that the family of Lord Krishna has lived here. There is a lighthouse where tourists flock to see the sunset and for enjoying exotic marine life, water sports and camping. Some ruins of a submerged city were also found here in 2001.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga: Among the 12 jyotirlingas, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is one of them. It is also known as Nagnath temple. It is situated between Gomti Dwarka and Bet Dwarka. The major highlight of the place is 80 ft long idol of lord shiva.

How to reach Dwarka: To reach Dwarka, a traveler or tourist can use any mode of transport. The nearest airport to Dwarka is Jamnagar airport which is approximately 130km away. Dwarka is connected with other cities of Gujarat and the country through railways and roadways.

Best Time to visit: Dwarka is famous for temples like Dwarkadhish and Jyotirlinga, that’s why for a Hindu devotee to visit Dwarka depends on the festival they want to see. If devotees want to see Janamashtami, they should visit from August to September and if they would like to see Maha Shivratri then from July to August. Rest on the whole the best time to visit Dwarka is during the month of October to March as the weather gets suitable at this time and travelers can enjoy watching the tourist spots and temples.

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