Seminar on How to Promote Medical Business Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2023: Proper Digital Marketing strategy is necessary to promote medical business, said Himanshu Sharma

1 year ago

One of the best institutes of Digital Marketing in Hisar, Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing (HiDM) has organized a 4-week Digital Marketing Seminar Fest 2023 from 6th February to 27th February 2023.

The first seminar of the Digital Marketing Seminar Fest was hosted by HiDM student Himanshu Sharma on the topic How to Promote Medical Business through Digital Marketing. Himanshu Sharma discussed the various factors that are necessary for promoting the medical industry.

Digital Marketing seminar Fest 2023
Seminar on How to Promote Medical Business Through Digital Marketing

In the seminar, some Marketing strategies and tips were discussed to promote the medical business. In Hospital Marketing Strategy, Himanshu Sharma advised working on things like the nature of the business, website, Google Ads, video, and target group. In the seminar, the marketing strategy of the top 5 hospitals in India was also analyzed.

After that, a case study was covered. In the end, the host covered all the important points and asked questions related to the topic, and cleared all the doubts of the audience.

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