Sanskriti group hisar dandiya workshop

Dandiya special dance workshop organized by Sanskriti group

4 years ago

As soon as Navratri begins, the color of Garba and Dandiya spreads across the country. Garba and Dandiya nights are organized from place to place. When the whole country is getting prepare for the occasion, city ladies are not far behind. There is a lot of enthusiasm among girls and ladies and they all have started preparing for the Dandiya.

women learning dandiya steps from a professional choreographer

Special Dance workshop for Dandiya was organized by Sanskriti group. Professional choreographer Rocky den explained the basic steps of Garba and Dandiya to women. Different methods of using Dandiya sticks and Garba hand postures were taught. Sanskriti ladies group is going to celebrate an eco-friendly Dussehra & Dandiya in the city on 8th October at Flamingo for which preparations have been started.

Seema Jain

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