Clubhouse’s invite-only access is no longer available, app is now available to everyone on iOS and Android

1 year ago

Clubhouse developer has announced that Clubhouse is now available for everyone on iOS and Android. Since its beta launch last year, the audio-only app has remained an invite-only platform. It was initially only available on iOS, but Android beta testing began in May of this year. The clubhouse is now out of beta and will not require an invite to join, according to the developer Alpha Exploration.

The clubhouse was first introduced as an invite-only iOS app in April of last year. It began to gather momentum since its launch, and in succeeding months, a large number of people joined, to the point where celebrities became involved.

Other networks, like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram, have begun developing their own Clubhouse-style social audio services. The clubhouse is now officially out of beta and open to anyone who wants to join on both Android and iOS.

The waitlist system has been deleted, allowing anyone with a club to share their link with anyone in the world. In the same way, creators can invite their audience to Clubhouse. The app has been updated for Android and iOS, and the developers say additional versions will be released every 1 to 2 weeks. A new logo and website have also been established for the company.

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