Citizens aware of road safety measures and right to vote in Raahgiri

3 years ago

The District level Raahgiri program was organized today in front of Mahabir Stadium and Gate No. 1 of Haryana Agricultural University. Several dignitaries, including Superintendent of Police Shivcharan, SDM Paramjit Singh and DSP Ashok Kumar, gave meaningful messages to the citizens in their own style. During this time cultural programs and yogasana activities greatly influenced the common man. Citizens were made aware to adopt road safety measures in Raahgiri and to exercise their right to vote in elections.

Inaugurating the Raahgiri program, Superintendent of Police Shiv Charan called upon the common man to take maximum active participation in it. He said that Raahgiri is such an open platform where any person can display his talent without any prior permission.

SDM Paramjit Singh said that Raahgiri, which started in general, is now being celebrated as a festival in which there is increasing participation of people in cultural programs as well as sports and yoga activities. He appealed to the general public that every eligible person above the age of 18 years should cast their vote.

While giving detailed information about the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act-2019, Traffic Sub Inspector Daulat Ram said that the task of the police is to provide a safe environment to the public and to comply with traffic rules. People who disregard traffic rules prove to be a threat to their lives as well as to others.

Virendra Badala, district in-charge of Patanjali Yoga Committee, explain the crowd various types of yoga asanas and yoga activities. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India campaign is the best way to stay healthy.

DSP and Raahgiri Nodal Officer Ashok Kumar said that there is a provision in the law for those who commit murder and crime. These convictions need only be feared by those who commit such a crime. Similarly, the new Motor Vehicles Act, recently enacted, also needs to be scared to those who consider the road to be a circus ground.

Haryanvi artists Prince Rose, Aakash Pohal and Monika performed in the Raahgiri, presenting performances from the Haryanvi culture. Tohesh of DAV Police Public School gave a live performance of the patriotic song. Young children of Rose Valley School made people aware of the importance of traffic rules and helmets through the play. Many children, women, and youth including Rajiv Havildar, Sejal, Mohawk, Ayush, Mansi and Mukesh also presented their talents.


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