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Christmas Day: Why and How people celebrate Christmas Day

2 years ago

The festival of Christmas takes place on 25th December, every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate Easter Eve on 24 December before Christmas Day. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born on this day. He is called the son of God. Jesus came to earth to teach people life lessons. Jesus was born to Mother Mary and Joseph. There was no cradle for him after his birth, so his parents wrapped him in strips of cloth and made slept in a manger. 

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Prayer meetings take place in the church on this day. On Christmas Day, children wait for Santa Clause impatiently. Actually,  it is believed that Santa Claus brings gifts for children on Christmas day. Christmas is a celebration that is adored and treasured by grown-ups and kids both. People bring a Christmas tree to their homes and decorate it with bright balls, strips, and red socks.

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On Christmas night, people have a relish dining experience and offer presents with one another. People make homemade plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins on Christmas. Christmas is a celebration of happiness and joy. It is tied in with sharing and helping other people. On this day, individuals remember Jesus Christ and his lessons of life. The Christmas day certainly guides us to show generosity and love toward one another and help the individuals who have short of what we have.

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