Celebrate the festival of colors at Krishna’s abode

3 years ago

As the Phalgun month comes, preparation for celebrating the Festival of colors get started.  Holi– the festival of colors is an important festival of Hindu community. It signifies the arrival of spring season and end to winter season, and victory of good over bad. As it is a significant festival of Hindu community, celebrated in all parts of India but the Holi of Braj is quite famous and popular. Braj includes area of Mathura , Vrindavan, and Barsana , the native place of Lord Krishna and Radha. Here , this festival is also known as Festival of love as some stories prevailed that portraits Krishna and Radha as couple and show divine love of Radha for Krishna.

Braj holi is so famous that tourists from all over India and outside India come to enjoy the colors and delicacies of the festival. In the Braj, the festivities may last more than a week. This year it will get start from March 14 to 22. The different places of Braj are known for playing different kind of Holi.

Barsana is famous for Lathmar Holi where women beat men with sticks when they try to apply colors on them. From here, Lathmar holi spread all over India.

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Vrindavan is known for its Phoolon wali Holi played with flowers only. No wet and dry colors are used during the event. Here, Holi of Banke Bihari temple is quite famous and it is played in the temple premises and outside too. The priest sprinkle gulal, flowers and water on devotees. Devotees enjoy the gulal , water and lord Krishna ‘s bhajans.

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A night before the big day, bonfire is lit which is known as Holika Dahan. It is celebrated because Holika get burnt in when she was trying to burn her nephew Prahlad.

This festival is not only for enjoying, playing and getting colored all over, but it is also a day to forget the revenge and give a new start to the relationship. As colors spread happiness, so is the festival of colors do.

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To get ready to smear in the colors, water , flowers , and to get an unique blend of spirituality and festivity, one should play Holi at Krishna’s birth place once in lifetime.

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