Byte app launched in iOS and Android

3 years ago

The video app Tik Tok is becoming increasingly popular and in terms of downloads, it has broken the records of many apps across the world. Now a new app has been launched to compete with it. The social media platform Byte has now come for mobile as well.

The special thing is that in the coming time on this platform, the company will also bring revenue sharing. Users will benefit from revenue sharing. Money can also be given in lieu of making a video.

It is worth noting that the Byte app can be seen as a further version of the popular app Vine. Users can post videos of 6 seconds on the Byte app. It works similar to TikTok.

A tweet has also been made by Byte App. It has been written that this app is family and new too. This app is also a video-based app like Tik Tok where many features will be seen in small videos.

Co-founder of Vine App, Dom Hoffman released a teaser where he told that he is working on the sequel of Vine App. However, Byte is an independent company and this app can now be downloaded from the Gagool Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Currently, this app is available in 40 countries. But this app has not arrived in India yet. Currently, this app is not available in India on the Play Store and App Store.

Since Tik Tok is quite popular in India, the company can launch it in India with some new features in the coming time.

Deepak Kumar

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