Boeing to invest $20Million in Virgin Galactic

2 years ago

The aerospace giant Boeing is going to invest some millions into the future project “Virgin Galactic”. Virgin Galactic is future project by Virgin which aims to send people into the suborbital space and back.

The news is announced by the representatives of both companies on Oct 8. Virgin Galactic founder said in a statement that  “This is the beginning of an important collaboration for the future of air and space travel, which are the natural next steps for our human spaceflight program. “Virgin Galactic and Boeing share a vision of opening access to the world and space, to more people in safe and environmentally responsible ways.”

Boeing investment facilitates the efforts of Virgin Galactic to take people to space. It will be a big leap to future travel. A cost for a ticket for the suborbital ride is currently at $250,000. Till now more than 600 people have prebooked a reserved seat, said by Virgin Galactic representatives.

Deepak Kumar

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