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Blur Movie Trailer Out: Taapsee Pannu is seen investigating her twin sister’s death

1 year ago

The trailer of Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming movie Blur has been released on 29 November 2022. Blur film will be streamed on OTT platform Zee5 on 9 December 2022. It is directed by Ajay Behl. The trailer of Blur movie is full of suspense and fans are very excited to watch this thrilling movie.

In the Blur trailer, Taapsee Pannu is seen in the double roles of Gayatri (Taapsee Pannu) and Gautami (Taapsee Pannu). Both are twin sisters. The trailer starts with Gayatri who voices Gautami but suddenly Gautami’s dead body is found. The forensic team says that it is a suicide, but Gayatri is not ready to accept that Gautami has committed suicide. Gayatri’s husband (Gulshan Devaiah) tries to stop her from doing an investigation, but still, Gayatri wants to find out the truth. She starts investigating to know the truth behind her sister’s death. While investigating, a problem occurs in her eyes and she comes to know that slowly her eyesight will get weak. At last, it is shown that even after lighting the torch, she feels dark, which shows her eyesight has completely gone.

The blur movie trailer is full of suspense, whether Gautami’s death was a suicide or was she killed, will Gayatri come to know the reason behind her sister’s death, will Gayatri lose her eyesight really -and how she fights with her problem, all these secrets will be revealed only after watching the movie on 09 December 2022.

Sharing the trailer of Blur Movie on its Instagram account, Zee5 wrote – “If you can’t see it, can you escape it? #BlurrOnZEE5 premieres 9th Dec”

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